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Wadi Degla Clubs

Unlock a Universe of Opportunities: Sunrise Virtual School Joins Forces with WADI DEGLA, Africa’s Foremost Members Club!

In a revolutionary collaboration marked by innovation and distinction, Sunrise Virtual School is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with WADI DEGLA, an embodiment of prestige and unparalleled luxury in the domain of members clubs throughout Africa. This partnership opens avenues to extraordinary experiences crafted to enhance the lives of our parents and students in unprecedented ways.

WADI DEGLA: An Icon of Prestige and Distinction

WADI DEGLA proudly stands as a symbol of affluence and refinement, acknowledged as one of Africa’s most prestigious and impeccably equipped members clubs. Its unwavering commitment to providing unmatched facilities and experiences renders it the perfect collaborator for Sunrise Virtual School, an institution devoted to transcending conventional educational norms. Located in Runda, WADI DEGLA is prestigious members club with iconic facilities and wide-ranging sporting activities.

A Mosaic of Athletic Excellence and Leisure

Our clients will embark on a journey filled with athleticism and joy as WADI DEGLA and Sunrise Virtual School partner to make virtual schooling a fun filled experience. From the excitement of athletics to the grace of gymnastics, the precision of martial arts, and the sheer enjoyment of leisure sports such as archery, bowling, and roller skating – the possibilities are endless. This partnership empowers parents to enroll their children in activities surpassing the traditional schooling models, fostering physical fitness, leisurely pursuits, and enduring social connections.

Cultivating Enduring Connections

At the core of this collaboration lies the opportunity to construct a network transcending the confines of traditional education. WADI DEGLA’s expansive sporting, leisure and social facilities act as a canvas for forging connections that extend well beyond the classroom or the club. Parents and students alike are encouraged to engage in a community tailored for mutual growth, establishing a foundation for forthcoming personal and professional connections.

Exclusive Lifetime Membership for Sunrise Virtual School Parents and students!

As a testament to the robustness of our partnership, Sunrise Virtual School parents and their students now have an opportunity enjoy an exclusive lifetime membership at WADI DEGLA (Runda) sports club, at pre-negotiated monthly rates of Kenyan Shillings 18,000 for a period of three years or less. . This membership not only grants access to world-class facilities but also symbolizes a commitment to a lifestyle balancing physical well-being, leisure, andsocial aspects of Sunrise students.

Some of the sporting activities accessible at the club include:

Sporting academies include:

Students will have a chance to join sporting academies designed to nurture young people into becoming talented athletes in different sporting areas such as:

Our world class academies include:

  • Wadi Degla Football Academy, training are held on a FIFA approved soccer pitch.
  • Wadi Degla Swimming Academy, the academy is a professional swimming school under the license of Swim America. Training is held in a half Olympic pool.
  • Wadi Degla Tennis Academy, equipped with 4 tennis courts, our academy will help you improve your movement, speed, agility, reaction, balance and whole body strength & power.
  • Wadi Degla Squash Academy, your only way to become a world champion. Wadi Degla Clubs is currently dominating the squash industry through its two World No. 1 players, Raneem El Welily & Ali Farag. The academy is equipped with 4 squash courts.
  • Golf Academy, In partnership with GO GOLF the club provides an academy where members can learn golf how to play golf and develop their unique swing.

And many more to come..

Seize the Moment – Enroll Today!

Partnership between Sunrise Virtual School and Wadi Degla is to designed to ensure our students get to enjoy the absolute best in academics and in sport/social aspects of life. From getting the best in class, now they will be able to access one of the most prestigious sporting club in a deal that will give families lifetime membership to Wadi degla clubs.

We extend a heartfelt invitation to our cherished parents and students to take advantage of this opportunity that is reshaping the educational landscape – where excellence converges with recreation, and connections are formed to last a lifetime. Let’s collectively explore the boundless opportunities that await in this unparalleled partnership. Elevate your educational and recreational experiences with the synergy of SUNRISE VIRTUAL SCHOOL-WADI DEGLA COLLABORATION! – where the extraordinary is the new norm.

To register, please contact our offices +254 704 007 008 / +254 706 007 008 and get full club access and membership card upon making the first installment of Ksh. 18,000 ($120).

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